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-is 79 years of know-how in the field of hydraulic transport of solid materials blends having abrasivity, abrasive-corrosive and frothy characteristics.

Habermann company was founded by an engineer Arthur Habermann in 1927 in Bohum. Initially the pumps production was performed with the help of other plants facilities

In 1956 Habermann company was relocated to Vitten, where its own pump production began. Continuous improvement and developing, expanding of production program helped Habermann became one of the leaders in the field of pump production for hydraulic transport of solid particles (sand and gravel, for example) such as dredgers.

Habermann offer casting, steel armoring, hard metal linings, hopper linings, mixing and blending tools and others.

All lining and casting is manufactured at the own certified plants of Habermann.

In 2001 electro technical company HAWI-Elektrotechnik GmbH was founded. Habermann expands its activities in the field of process automation and distribution cabinets to meet the demanding requirements of the customers.

Habermann products:

Armored pumps:

Habermann Armored pumps

Habermann Armored pumps N

Habermann Armored pumps N

Habermann Vertical Armored pumps V1/V2

Other pumps:

Habermann pumps for vessels N type

Habermann Submersible electric pump N/T

Suction dredgers:

Dredgers Habermann

Habermann Suction dredger KBPL

Habermann Suction dredger KB

Modifications V 300, V 310, V 320, V 330, V 340