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The name "INTERNORMEN" represents high class technical workmanship, entrepreneurial continuity and innovative strength in hydraulics and lubrication since more than 30 years.

Helmut Franger founded the Internormen-Filter Corporation in Mannheim, Germany in 1972.
Objectives were the production and distribution of filters for hydraulic and lubricating fluids, which would live up to highest quality requirements and set standards in the international market.

Today, the manufacturer of hydraulic and lubricating fluid filters has turned into an international corporation, which accompanies their customers into the future as a professional partner in filtering technology. The company is famous for the ability to quickly implement latest technologies and the consistent focus on their customers’ needs.

Production facilities can be found in Germany, the United States, India, Brazil and China. With a global distribution network in more than 80 countries our world-wide business activity is increasingly developed.

Today the headquarters of the corporation is in Altlußheim near the Rhine river not far from Mannheim. This is where the competent physicists, chemists, engineers and technicians are concentrated in a research centre, always seeking the perfect solution.

In our large research and development centre all our products are designed and brought to the production stage utilizing with the help of latest technologies and greatest professional competence.

INTERNORMEN Technology GmbH is present in many important key technologies, and its operations go much further than production and distribution of hydraulic and lubricating fluid filters:

- Filter Technology

Hydraulic- and lubricating fluid filters in single or twin versions, operating at up to 1.400 bars and 20.000 l/m, absolute filtration under 1µm

- Fluid Management

Mobile and stationary offline filter units, such as INTERNORMEN fluid Purifier Systems

- Electronics

Contamination Control Systems with options such as BSS and TSS as well as mobile and stationary water sensor and electronic sensor systems

- System Technology

Complete filter units with different electronic motors, pumps, valve combinations and electronic monitoring

- Contamination Monitoring

Sampling and oil analyses sets as well as laboratory services including oil analysis and element inspection

- Software Solutions

Filter selection software on the internet and online-data sheet catalogue as well as simulation software

Thus Internormen concentrates their technology and market position as well as international technological leading position.

- Master the future with experience - that is the key