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Allweiler. Industrial hydraulik and pumps

ALLRUS Group is exclusive providers of pumping equipment Allweiler in CIS.

Private Limited Company "Intergidravlika" is the official partner of Private Limited Company "Allrus" and official distributor of pumping equipment Allweiler in the Ural Region.

Allweiler has been producing pumps since 1860, making it Germany's oldest pump manufacturer. A wide range of products include the equipment for various applications.

The main requirement for high-quality pumps production – high quality materials.

Therefore ALLWEILER has its own foundry where they produce high quality steel materials for their pumps. Also the foundry produces work materials adapted to specialized fluids. ALLWEILER foundry is an exceptional manufacturer of some specialized materials.

The company is represented by subsidiaries all over the world, in particular in the United States, China, India, Egypt and South Africa etc.

The accredited quality-assurance system ensures the long-term reliability and efficiency of every ALLWEILER pump.

Our specialists are ready to give you qualified advice on any equipment offered and provide you with maintenance during the whole operation period of ALLWEILER pumps.

Company History

1874 Series production of hand pumps

1905 Production of the first centrifugal and piston pumps.

1952 Production of screw pumps started.

1964 Development of the entire standardized centrifugal pump series.

1967 Production of block, inline, thermal-oil and marine pumps.

1990 Production and delivery of pumps with magnetic couplings.

1992 ALLWEILER begins producing PERISTALTIC pumps.

1995 Houttuin B.V. is integrated into ALLWEILER AG

1998 The ALLWEILER Group is integrated into the Colfax Pump Group (CPG) .

2001 The ALLHEAT (for hot liquids) and TRILUB (low pressure) series are introduced. Implements their own new international marketing/sales strategy

2002 ALLWEILER company expands sales organization in the Asia and Pacific region. MAGDRIVE series introduced (magnetically-coupled screw pump)

2003 Reorganization of the ALLWEILER international sales structure. Strategic agreements with a large number of sales partners around the globe. Introduction of the ALLTRIMM series (anti-heeling pump for ships)